Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ever a fan of candy necklaces, as well as teaching youngsters how to transform them into friendly, sugar-coated weapons, was thrilled to see this specimen hanging at a gas station.
Perhaps in Amherst, where this image was made, communal candy weapons are oso trad.
In addition to sending off the latest piece to the Shiney Happy Mag, had a great photo shoot and did some fine multi-tasking.
During pedi, not only edited three gigs, but watched the tail-end of some Olympics spectacle involving men running in whispers of jerseys that hearkened back to the first Olympiads when runners ran nude and such, but then watched the beginning of a horrid Wesley Snipes movie that involved action in another foreign land although much more violent.
Death and crime as entertainment I am proud to say I do not understand.

Candy Necklaces, Love.

+ this just in.
One more from the good ol' hazmat drill