Tuesday, May 13, 2008

There Yours Truly was, on a job, minding my own business ... as usual.
YT was in a swankedelic setting, a library of wood paneling to be quite exact.
YT was waiting for a lull in action to make some more images and began to peruse the titles in the nearby bookcases.
Amongst the old tomes of medical know-how, encyclopedias of scientific bric-a-brac, and the like was the above white volume – LSD: A Total Study, by Sankar.
Ever-intrepid, YT went to Amazon to see if this book is very in demand: it sells for about $160 per copy, was pubbed in '75, and is nearly 1K pages.
About a hippie drug.
The Middling City had some curious news, a commuter nightmare situ yesterday when a Viet Nam veteran beat his girlfriend as he drove south on the 190 alongside the mighty Niagara River.
A commuter in a nearby car spotted the violence and phoned the police.
Police stopped the VV's truck and the woman ran away from the vehicle.
Then the man held a handgun to his throat with one hand and in the other chatted for hours to a negotiator.
A colleague was on hand documenting the action, or slight action, or near inaction.
YT was nearly on that 190 when all this minor chaos was happening and for once had the good fortune to avoid a major traffic snarl as all traffic to north and south was made to exit here and there onto aptly-named Niagara Street and environs.
Four or so hours later and kapoof, all was over with a device that they toss at the beleaguered and self-endangered, what local media called a flash-bang device.
YT things that she should like a flash-bang device: a newly-fangled, YT-designed flash that emulated the flash bars of yore that employed a trough of black powder that was carefully lit by a photog to make flash, artificially-illuminated images of sitters.
Only this device, in addition to a giant, extra-powerful flash of light, would make a racket. It could render portraits of subjects all looking rather terrified. Perhaps the sound aspect could be adjusted down, like an aperture.

A parting note.
Perhaps the most exciting portion of this blogpost.

YT found herself this past weekend in a true This is Spinal Tap moment.
Walking along with a platform party, led by a newbie leader, took a wrong turn in a labyrinth of hallway.
The leader asked YT the way.
YT stated that I am forever the maker of document, not of the way, so never paid much attention to the path, just snapped along.
So a wrong turn was made.
I said to a prof nearby Have you ever seen This Is Spinal Tap, this is a This Is Spinal Tap moment.
The platform party had to double-back on itself to correct the direction and finally the way was found, to thee platform.

Love, on a platform.