Saturday, May 10, 2008

Put on your seer cap (NB: NOT to be confused with your seersucker cap) to see that the image provided for your erudition above is the Artists & Models installation of Yours Truly.
As this year's A&M theme in Unhinged, YT is fashioning a homemade insane asylum ward, replete with gadgetry and staff associated with such a place. Including the coffin gurney that YT discovered with its twin in North Tonawanda, a hilarious early summer evening with JenB when, thank the lucky stars of YT, she was driving an elongated Subaru.
Met with Hallwalls people who are handlers of A&M artists (John, Polly, Carolyn) and was given lay of the YT land. This corner of the sadly ruined Central Terminal will be said installation - an uproarious, interactive installation.
Onwards again to points beyond.

No one beyond Love.