Saturday, May 17, 2008

Made some lush images yesterday for the pending Book.
Things, Nature, Vibes.
Centenary oaks standing despite lots of change underneath and alongside.
Party on the Portico at Hysterical Society was a nice and varied mix of people and John and Mary were playing - didn't get a chance to talk to Mary as I jetted out to get to a wake, and then Cheryl and Mark's b-day dinner soirée.
Did manage to park car in rock star manner just beyond the front Hysterical steps and ran top speed away from car as if it were going to blow. Elderly volunteer parking lot attendant didn't know quite what to make of the scene.
Especially since Yours Truly had a meatball sandwich that I crafted for Heady, who was hungry, and YT was flush in meatball department, having just ran to Santasiero's for same - for YT, for Kennedy, for Mark's birthday gift certificate to enable him to (after a long night in his Niagara Street studio) wend down and eat approximately 28 meatballs. Or so.
The Middling City sky is darkening, and darkening more as I blog and it's looking like it will be one drenched and wind-whipped wedding today out in the hilly exurb.
Did hear back from Senator Schumer who, as is de rigeur, thanked me for my contacting him about the important matter at hand.
Of saving Pandora radio, in my case.
Time to make, do, edit, and suburban and exurban wending.

Dendritic, Arboreal Love.