Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Whilst big-boxing out in the former wetlands alongside the Middling City - and utterly minding my own shares of my own business - found myself looking at heaps of nouveau book titles, including The Daring Book for Girls at BJ's. Hardcovered, and sparkles to boot, like made to last.
BJ's is where I happen quarterly to buy giant bags of catfood to feed the feline masses (as well as raccoons, skunks, and random others in need of snack/sustenance), magnums of DVDs/CDs, and critical office supplies. And replacement knock-off brand vacuum cleaner after the age-old vacuum stopped sucking and became most irritating. Most.

sidebar: Yours Truly is a cart-dropper, my rendition of eavesdropping. At the earth-toned grocery chain or co-op I spend some time checking out what others have in their carts. I buy no processed food so sometimes do marvel at things like frozen breakfast amalgamations, self-rising pizza, prepared dishes, and the like. Oh, and creepy juices.

So there YT is, looking at a heap of that best-selling book of girlie know-how. And YT bought two copies, one for the niece and one for her fashion/spiritual adviser, her godmother, YT.
Let me tell You.
Page 112 = Women Inventors and Scientists.
Page 213 = Robert's Rules of Order.
Page 192 = Diagram of how to do a Sun Salutation.
And oso much more.
This book rocks.

Daring Love & Love of Derring-Do.