Friday, April 04, 2008

Nephew who Yours Truly brought to all-day rock festivals (Warped Tour, EdgeFest) just texted - moments ago - a cryptic
Holy Crap bat man youll never guess what just happened.
To which his godmother/spiritual & fashion adviser replied
What love?
To which he much later replied (after an attempt to reach him directly on his cell, despite it being a school day and all, and some musings and worries about what in heck had transpired in his sixteen year old universe prompting a text to his dear rock & roll auntie)
We are playing at the hsbc next thursday.
To which I replied to the effect of YT being so utterly proud of him, and wanting to photograph the entire thing, but of course.
Nephew's band, Amber Wood, won a classique battle of the bands and now gets a slot performing in front of multitudes.
And now, me being me, thoughts run to their merch. YT recalls their rather unsplendiferous t's in xl only. Girls need girl t's. And stickers, where are the stickers and the like.
Read the NYT review of the Scorcese Stones movie, Shine a Light, much space given over to describing their physicality, of the gushingness that effuses from the fandom raging in Scorcese.

As you scrutinize the aging bodies of the Rolling Stones in Martin Scorsese’s rip-roaring concert documentary “Shine a Light,” there is ample evidence that rock ’n’ roll may hold the secret of eternal vitality, if not eternal beauty.

YT has to wonder why she was not in her oso usually Perfect state of mind, and skipped attending an Imax preview of same film with Annie this past Tuesday, at the invite of Deb at the former employing publication. We were off to attend an Arts & Letters alum event hosted by the big U and YT supposes there was overlapping, that there was the ever possibility of just seeing in on another screen.
This was faulty judgment.
There were Middling City rock & roll luminaries traipsing off to the suburban screening and I imagine that the cultural, residual effects would have been far greater than the good wine and needing-work cheese that we engaged in. There was good conversation, and we did look at the Sam Francis exhib and several other works on paper. Anderson Gallery was the viewing and sipping venue, always a treat, for their collection is deep-reaching.
Time to wend toward Wyatt Design to pick up my CEPA auction piece for public viewing starting today.
View the works online here.

Love on the block.