Monday, April 07, 2008

Perhaps, and this is just a hap, the most brilliant thrilling moment of documenting the distinguished speaker event at the bigU starring thee Stephen Colbert was being whisked via campus police sedan over sidewalk and dale, on recto side of street, to the hotel receptions held in his honour.
There is an interesting sensation upon sighting a famous person for the premier time, a quick and human/humanizing assessment of their attributes and a quick compare to impressions of said person against all known images. In short: are they short. Are they tall. Are they looking different in any manner from an expected image of them.
Colbert matched expectation, probably even a wee bit more handsome than expected with mischievous dark eyes and eyebrows at the ready for a quick, ironical lift.
At the receptions he was glad to enjoy a Molson Canadian. He had had some requisite wings, gushing at the experience of it.
He and I did get a chance to talk Macs, he also uses a MacBook Pro. He told Yours Truly that he'd wanted to get some MacBook Airs from Steve J and mail them off to various folks to test that whole envelope concept. They declined the offer, bummed that he was not going to do some creative product placement on his Report.
All in all a workful, intense, creative, action-packed weekend that included Heady's b-day dance extravaganza with foodstuffs by Ringy, and dancefloor mayhem.
Yesterday had a gig and afterwards, with Annie, headed out to CuldeSacville for a CEPA auction-related reception that was most lovely, filled with gorgeous art and gorgeous art pals and collectors.
Onwards this lush warming day to deadlines galore.

Galorious spring Love.