Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Realized I had not yet translated the little Leica's memory card molecules into visual treats for You, images made at TriMania '08.
An event that is demi-revelry, demi-workout, what with all the traipsing and stairs and such.
Images evoke Cheryl and Yours Truly whilst on the dance floor, multitasking madly making images, making bold dance moves, making pals. And, in case of YT, making sure that Annie's personal belongings did not get kicked under the d.j. riser or worse.
Another image evokes Joanna Angie, Buffalo Art Studio foundress, in throes of what YT calls Hostess Syndrome, in midst of party frenzy there is still the hyper-awareness of all things good, bad, near-catastrophic, near-dumping, and more. She is shown reaching underneath d.j. area to hit a switch to move some air around via an overhead fan. YT shouted Joanna, Joanna but she was off on another situ-fixing mission.
Other image shows some of my posse wending from a point A of sorts to a point B, or perhaps C, of sorts. Despite my ever-helpful, Perfect p.s.a.-like pointers, some of the girls wore shoes that overruled sensible in favour of fashion. Hence they suffered TriMania Foot worse than YT.
Other image shows Dave Derner's studio, and his way noteworthy 8x10 glossie of thee OJ back in his heady Middling City days of yore, before the drugs morphed him into a Bad Man. Derner says he garbage picked this and oso many more. Derner will not say where, fercrissakes.
Onwards to sun-drenched matters at hand.
And the search for ever more crocii continues.

Little purple, white, yellow crocus Love.