Sunday, January 20, 2008

One Year, exactly one year.
Pam gave me a 1-20-09 t-shirt this past Friday morn (along with a bevy of other wonderful belated b-day gifts) during our java klatsch at SPoT. It's a nice pale green. It is now one of my favorite shirts, to be placed atop the other of similar ilk, purchased on Lafayette en route to school one fine sunny day:
The only Bush I trust is my own.
Today is also the birth anniversary of Pahts in MN in, undoubtedly, minus five degrees and layers of snow. And, quite probably, his warm kitchen cooking something wondrous. He was the first person I knew that made confit, he put it on my (and several others') culinary atlas.
On my birthday he sent me excerpts from his journal of all that happened on my birthday through the ages - a very touching gift indeed.
Meandered about the campuses of the Big U yesterday in the sun-blasted, pristine snow, trudging along with cam around neck, breathing laboriously into a scarf tied tightly around my neck to keep my face from freezing.
The images are striking, frames full of frozen buildings, trees, shadows.
There are more Perfect cloud-strewn skies and sun and it may be time to wend to shooting in the next few hours before all goes too blue.

Not too blue, Love.