Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back from a Planned Parenthood (today is thee thirty-fifth anniversary of Roe v. Wade) benefit at the ChipStrip dance club Level, also a mini exhibition for K.C. Kratt - images of femmes and hommes with tattoos.
Much discussion about pros, cons of inking.
And, of course, Yours Truly had to mention to a few the (unfortunate) ink from the X, a small nearly-complete star on the inside of an ankle.
This is small enough that YT knows that it's there, and most days it's forgotten.
It's a funny small collection of dots.
I told K.C. and Deb that I'd love to do a cover-up but then, really, why call more attention to this little dime-sized area.
Deb and I discussed the state of dancebars in the Middling City, not a really great one.
Level happens to have a lot of potential.
Still do miss the passing of The Continental, that imperfect joint with really fab dancefloor lined with mirrors and sternum-crushing sound.
The MC is covered in perfect snowman-making snow.
Making snow Love.