Saturday, January 19, 2008

Above is a holiday image outtake, something that illustrates nicely how digital doesn't quite render reds as well as other colours.
Speaking of images, the image posted on epinw yesterday sped off to a new home via the Trinity silent auction. Not sure for how much, nor to whom, saw it across the very crowded chapel.
Swam through the chapel trying to view most or all of the profferings and was enveloped in some hearty conversations and belly laughs. All whilst drinking the requisite auction glass of wine. From plastic, two-part glasses. Noted that several in attendance lost their bottom halves, their cheapo glasses suddenly transformed into those curious and trendy glasses with cups and stems but without a way to set them down.
Minding my own business actually found myself holding up my placard - 386 - to bid during the live auction, on a joint for a weekend up in Canada. Until both the numbers got too high, and me, Annie, and Heady realized we would rather not vacation a mere twenty mins away from the Middling City. So no more holding up 386 once the price reached an astonishing $425. It went for $450, same as for the Visser't Hooft that appeared on the block.
Afterwards enjoyed a few primo glasses (glass! not two-part!!) of white Bordeaux at Rue Franklin's bar with Heady, enjoying the moments with her and DeeDee, as a nearby table of international students celebrated a birthday and sang their rendition of a birthday ditty, and several other familiars and knowns leaving the dining room.
Today is a sunny day, and it is time to grab the cam and meander the world in search of Perfect pixel alignment.

Aligned Love.