Monday, January 14, 2008

Utterly minding my own business found myself in a truly, Perfect situ.
Yours Truly was on photo assignment mere moments past dawn this gray and muddled Monday, the light reading five in the evening of any old day. But the slushy flakes falling from above read winter, winter, winter.
Met up with a campus officer to document him placing personal belonging theft warnings upon car windshields parked in several surface lots on the urban campus.
Said officer was in his cruiser, and alongside him was another, newer cruiser with steel crashbars on the front grill. A more serious vehicle, its white and black paint job denoting more grim matters at hand than the former blue and white model.
So YT was behind the two cruisers and YT stepped out of her own non-cruiser ride and up to the officer's window that he rolled down.
May I see your license and registration, YT uttered.
The officer stated This is the first time I've been arrested by a citizen.
YT wanted to correct the officer (but did not want to push my proverbial luck or threaten the good, jocular vibes), but did not.
Rolled on to document his task at hand and then bleary-eyed students sleepwalking to their first early-morn classes this first day back in the saddle again.
Keeping close tabs on the runs for the oval office, today's hot topics are: an ill-advised comment about civil rights, gasoline on fires, past drug use, emotional involvement in issues, touchy and coded stepping-about of racial and sexual matters.
Onwards to edits.

Non-censored, yet edited, Love.