Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yours Truly is merrily ensconced in Vagabond World.
Sort of a lesser Off Grid Moment, working on the laptop (with sanity-saving iTunes blaring a lovely soundtrack down into the ear canals) in a corner with a nice pot of tea in a cloud of wi-fi.
In actuality a near-Perfect moment.
If I could just erase the femme nearby who is an unblinking grad student here to charm the pants off her male prof, all would be Parfait.
She speaks loudly of writing poetry, cites thee Derrida with abandon.
She swings her tattooed foot in his direction.
His hands are off the table, on a folder.
This deconstructive body language whimpers the erotic dance between teacher & student. The give & take. The mind meld and the mind shield.
Just emailed Sparky a nice little reverie, a dance choreographed to Touch and Go's Would You ...?
Yesterday's talk to the yutes went very well.
There were twenty-two of them, three of us advisers. And three handlers.
At one point I suggested that we all trek outdoors so the students could make their first frame on their dispos-o-cams of themselves for identifying purposes.
It was as if I suggested we suddenly pass a loaded revolver around the room and take turns aiming at the old marble mantelpiece remaining in the beleaguered former grand home's sitting room.
We all went outside. The other adults made much of this. YT did not.
All went swimmingly and they got to stretch their collective legs.
I noted that the other instructive people did lots of direct talking whereas I asked them some questions.
Who in blazes wants to only be talked at, never asked a question.
It's a simple, human thing. We like to feel noticed, placed, respected, asked.
The ol' give & take once again.
I especially enjoyed talking to two girl pals who sat in the front row, they were very funny indeed.
They revealed that they didn't want to take their portraits just then as they hated the way their hair looked. I suggested that they do this later, at home.
They looked concerned about not following the directive and I suggested that they fake the taking of their portraits.
They dutifully stood in line. They made faux ports.
I said Nice job, ladies.
Afterwards met the fam at Tempo for a grand dinner.
Pal Paulie Jenkins helped me and Soups wine & dine the hell out of our parents, now married for a whopping forty-eight years.
We had superstar treatment and it was magnifique.
Time to wend to the suburbs to take the niece and nephew out shopping for some school items that will rock.

Rocking wardrobe Love.