Sunday, September 16, 2007

Freeland would have been oso beaming at what Jon et al created last night at Artie's Town Ballroom in his honour, a veritable rock & roll throwdown and jubilant reunion cavalcade of good people from the club sphere.
Went to the big trib after the Big Orbit opening, with Annie.
Big O did some changing of the space for one of the installations and it made the space a bit claustrophobic. Also taking away from the ambiance was the x-l dumpster parked right by the steps.
Midway through our gallery stop Laura appeared with a balloon half full of red vino, and I hoped for her sake it was not that horrid yellow tail that has infested the wine world.
We motored on towards downtown and floated in the rock world for a long while.
TZ was there selling her Planet Love wares at the table that also featured Freeland's two books.
I was at the table to buy one of the books but got distracted by the sheer simplicity of the iconic Freeland shirt. But was sad that they did not have my size in black.
TZ sold me the shirt off her back, literally.
Here is the before and after.

She instructed me to launder the black shirt before wearing it.
Fercrissakes, Yours Truly stated, I've known you for decades, what's a little DNA between pals.
Seen, heard:
Carla (of course), TonyB (the emcee and on sax and on point) and Kimmie, Darien Hicks, Donny, Marcie, Paula + Greg (yes, +!), Kane w/Bud, Bud's Sue (who tells me Andre now goes by Booker (yikes), Lisa K, Jill, Marty (who pointed in the direction of Susan, not seen), Bob of DasBoot historical fame, Maria, Harvey (on date and +2), Erectronics, Paper Faces (who I saw a few times at thee premier Tralfamadore Cafe when on Main @ Fill), Industry of Life Divine (aka Industry of My Behind, featuring the Middling City's own Bono, Gary), and oso several more.

Triumphant, Tributary Love.