Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tomorrow at this very minute, 10 past Stoners' Time, Yours Truly will be imparting photo wisdom to Middling City youths, along with two other photogs.
I plan on showing them some work. Capital W.
As in art work and freelance work samples.
Kids, I shall say, sighing briefly, you can shoot anything. In any way. It's what's in here (thumping chest) that makes it real, gives it what Benjamin called an aura. Bluff your way through the landscape and make cheap shots and not only will you not feel something akin to passionate love, but your audience will know it, too.
Then I shall state my favoured statement of all time.
I rest my case.
And have a seat.
After that imparting, YT and her sister are taking the matching set of parents out for their 48th wedding anniversary. Not 50. As had been mistakenly believed to be this anniversary year as one mother of the pair mentioned 50 at some point and YT, being ever the party planner as well as diligent and thoughtful person, began planning a fete. It was only after nosing about a bit that it was discovered that there are two more years for that grand event.
But we are still heading toward one of the MC's fanciest, schmanciest joints for dinner which should be a treat.
Just finished documenting an event for the Big U and featured was a speaker, a reader of poems and essays who brought down the house in a moody manner.
One attendee said to another, on their way out.
Oh, you didn't miss a thing, all the readings were about Death.
Apparently attendee two had not been able to hear the hushed words.

Passionate, photographic Love.