Friday, September 07, 2007

Loads of Those of Note will be at this year's Rockin' at the Knox, including Jen+Jamal, The Rifkins, and members of Solid Gold Bookers (prominently featured, somewhat, in The Shiney Happy Mag except they forgot a nice little photo caption listing everyone's names ... Yours Truly was, however, mentioned in the profile).
And oso many more.
As I discussed, and agreed, with Deb, Feist is a bigger personal draw than headlining Elvis Costello. Feist was in the marvelous TO band Broken Social Scene, as good a surprise as the Shiney Apple's Ambulance Ltd.
Speaking of the SA, DK is having a b-day today and is heading out for a sumptuous treat just not available in the Middling City, recently deemed the nation's second poorest city for real.
DK is heading out after her workday for grapefruit margaritas with complicated jalapeƱo salt.
Told her a while back our next restaurant foray must be a joint that actually received a mediocre review in NYT, Rayuela on the Lower East Side. I think I should like to head there for the descriptified interior which sounds luxe and natural, a tree central to its room.
Soon YT is heading out to make some drawings of grain elevators for the charity event for this poor city's Historical Society (read museum and social hall), Paint the Town, as is my wont.
Despite lifelong photographic tendencies, no photography for the event is allowed so drawing magic happens. I usually take a documentary photo of the finished and framed piece before it is on the block and hung somewhere unknown.
Speaking of unknown, Literal Harold is heading to a strange place on the Adriatic for work, he writes.
Dubrovnik, a Croatian city on a skinny tract of land.
Speaking of skinny tracts of land, the block party tossed together by The Kitchen in the SA sounds most appealing as it is not only gratis, but includes High Line, the former El turned into a green space.
Time to make, do, draw, draw upon my mused reserve.

Reservations for Love.