Sunday, September 02, 2007

Damien Hirst's For the Love of God sold for $100 million dollars U.S. - even the NYS mega millions winner could not have afforded that solo: the glitzy skull sold to a group of investors, including the artist.
Not selling for that amount, actually not selling at all, was the piece made by Yours Truly for the Hallwalls memberific show, which You may recall.
John Massier mentions it in this week's Hallwalls and Elsewhere and mercury buckets to Pam for letting me know it was onsite.
If You should like to purchase, just let YT know. It comes ready-to-proudly-display. And it's a keeper.
So jumped back into the saddle/office chair/work-ready Subaru immediately and worked yesterday and today shoot a holiday weekend wedding which will either have a very relaxed vibe or be untilthewheelsfalloff raucous.
Afterwards heading to the Mulligan's Reunion at DiGiulio's and I did promise Deanna I'd provide girls in tube tops and a cloud of disco fun.
I do hope that the air is not rich with the scent of Jovan musk.
Time to move forward into this Middling City day, sunny and full of industrious energy.
Love Autumn.