Monday, September 03, 2007

Image from Windfall, up there in the wilds of Canada, where trees grow symmetrically.
No far more earth(l)y images from last night's Mulligan's Reunion, at DiGiulio's in what was once the VIP zone of the club.
Supped with Sparky at the near-deserted Mode, filling our tanks, so to speak, for hours of hustle and bustle.
Met up with the others there, making a pitstop at Kennedy's to drop some bags, flotsam. Upon arrival noted the cars parked everywhere but, as the parking goddess always shines upon Yours Truly, came up with a spot mere feet from the awning, the tent, the fete.
At the entryway sat Mike Militello of Mulligan's Legendary Fame, who hugged and kissed me and said he wondered if and when I'd be arriving. He did not charge me the entry fee which warmed my heart. Amongst the other Hall of Famers was d.j. Charlie Anzalone who said he'd also wondered if YT would be there and, when he saw me, yelled my name loudly as he spun out the name brands and the more obscure.
Now my mine meanders over to that dance hall hit Last Night a DJ Saved My Life and I'm not so sure that's officially oso disco but did not hear that last night.
Danced non-stop, well, except for a few breaks for refreshment and talked ever so briefly with Donny behind one of the bars.
Saw several grammar school pals - Carla, Sandy, Victor, Mark, Lisa, Deanna. Deanna owns the joint with her mother, Joanne, so of course she was there.
We all still look like we did in our 8th grade class portrait, made long-style, b&w on the demesne of 66. I reminded Sandy that we'd all just been mooned by a guy in a speeding vehicle so all had very smug looks on our pubescent little faces.
Danced and danced some more until I noted to Sparky that I was beginning to feel as if we were in a dance-a-thon, our book club girlie pals had all left hours before, and it was time to hit the road.
Today is Labor Day, so that is what is primarily on my Perfect agenda.

Laboring, Love.