Friday, May 25, 2007

Yesterday was, amongst other things, the day designated to get panels for making the Artists & Models paintings, five in all.
Scouted out materials at a Home Depot, made an art image for an art postcard for Dean, picked up Jana at work and drove to another Home Depot more conveniently located regarding the whereabouts of said materials to barn.
Where the special art magic will happen.
In the midst of the aisles I had a revelation that ceiling grade drywall would mean no pesky priming of wood for the paintings. Years ago, for another A&M, I made large paintings on cardboard and had to prime the surfaces twice.
So we wrangled the panels onto an unwieldy cart and then wrangled some nice young workers to toss them atop the car.
We did some winding and knotting of nylon tine and after one lurchy and ominous sound all went swimmingly - no drywall was lost.
I felt so confident of our knotting abilities I contemplated taking the Skyway back to the Middling City.
But then did not, opting for the long and scenic doglegged route instead.
Now is the time for the opaque projector sketching and filling in of images.
Mega thanks to Todd Treat, artist and racecar driver, for the big lend of the projector.
In case You do not know, A&M happens on June the 2 at Central Terminal from 9ish to 2 in the morn. This installation of Perfectly fun and audacious interactivity will be on the main concourse of party mayhem.
A&M, major Hallwalls fundraiser, is a nice way to usher in the MC's summer, a nice way to say Hey lighten up.
What are the images to be made. You will have to come and see.
On a much differing tangent, Literal Harold is in town for one month to attend to his regional matters at hand.

Nocturnal Love.

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