Wednesday, May 23, 2007

You wonder.
Why, fercrissakes, a mushroom cloud.
If ever there was one person on this atmospherically-challenged planet who should probably never touch the knobs of a microwave oven, it is Yours Truly.
Despite the apparent widespread acceptance of these contraptions into everyday situs, YT has really never developed an affinity.
Did not grow up with one. Did not own one in college. Did not own one in salad years. Worked with a chef who loved to intone Slow cookin' is good cookin.'
Kennedy has a microwave oven, probably a first edition.
It has faux woodgrain.
No, come to think of this all, I have seen older microwave ovens.
Oh, now I do recall a beau way back who owned a microwave oven and it had a small hole in the door and when he fired it up everyone ran out of the room.
I made a handy DYMO label for the door of this microwave - DANGER.
So today.
I decided to whip up, mid-working, a lunch for me and Kennedy. And on the lunch to throw some melted cheese, perhaps inspired by all my recent thinking of Richard Serra who has tossed molten metal about in his day.
I was working with rice cheese.
I put it in a bowl and set all knobs to high and I think five minutes on the timer.
I could smell molten rice cheese after a while.
I opened up the door and there was the image You see above.
When air hit the mushroom molten rice cheese cloud it slowly slunk back into the bowl.
Despite this I am a worldclass student chef, in my Perfect world.
Things are coming together for my Artists and Models installation, an old-timey stick-yer-head-through-the-holes-and-trade-your-self-for-a-thematic-alter-ego stand.

This week I was in a Wegmans and noted that there were no more of their DIY black nylon shopping bags for sale and commented upon this to the checkout kid, Kevin.
Kevin said Well, since the bags came out shoplifting has risen ... Americans SUCK.
I kind of felt around for what inspired Kevin's words and, no surprise, he had a favourable exchange student experience. And now is imbued with the Other. The tramontaine now is within, that exciting post-experience experience.
I did agree with him that this is a tragic and unfortunate thing, that people stuff bags meant to ease earth back to better health with goodies and wend their selfish (probably overstuffed) asses out the door.

Thematic and experienced Love.

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