Monday, May 28, 2007

Decoration/Memorial Day.
The Iraq War stretches on with more deaths, more money bled into this futility. This day is set apart as one to recall the efforts of those who die as martyrs, for their beliefs in convoluted political skirmishes. Or not, if drafted, perhaps.
Yours Truly was attempting to cross the border from the Middling City into Kenmore but there were sawhorses, cops, and flashing lights – a parade just beyond, down Delaware Avenue. There may have been girls with faux guns down there to add to the ongoing series but the cam was not with. So a u-turn.
Six panels completed for Artists and Models installation, one a double-truck, as We are wont to say in the high-flying world of pubs.
And that is publications, dig, not a joint for the big hunker-down.
The panels can now dry for several days before their cross-town meander to Central Terminal for installation.
A workman nearby (I blog dehors) has been wrestling with his matter at hand for some time, crescendoes of cussing occasionally and then, at moments, a murmur of non-stop monologue to such an extent I wonder if the man suffers from a slight case of Tourette's.
As in syndrome.
As in WoopWoopOBoy.
Today would be a Perfect day for a pedicure, but it is a national day of remembrance.
Endmatter (the very name of the thesis exhib of YT) Maintenance tomorrow then.

Red poppies for remembrance, Love.

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Dorothy said...

Nancy, I hope you are one to support our troops as they are not the ones, asking to fight in a foreign country. When a soldier offers to serve his country, I suspect it is with the idea, we will be fighting to keep us safe here. When they end up in another country, they go, where they are told to go. We need to give them kind words of encouragement, not sarcastic comments. When my grandson, returns home, who spent seven months in Iraq, it may be important for you to meet him, and hear how he feels about serving in Iraq. In addition, please read my last few post, one which is called My grandson and his friends in Iraq is not as important as the comments from a few soldiers. I hope all is well and that you will stop by my site and air your thoughts. Regards, Dorothy Feel free to link to my site, and I'd love to do the same on yours. ds