Thursday, August 14, 2003

The final of the final three Olympic events must be completed today. It's when I have a self-challenge and invoke the magical powers of the song Dream Weaver and figure out a really competent way of dreaming said song into my personal website at Parsons School of Design.
Yesterday me and Margaret and Erik completed (sort of, it borders on the theoretical at this point) our site centering on Parsons Hair Styles. It was, as Margaret stated, a light way of ending a rather serious class. We had links to various hair-related sites, a link to a celebrity look-alike page where we had side-by-side images of Parsons people next to amazingly similar stars.
Today the personal website, tomorrow the world.
Actually, tomorrow it's back to the Middling City world for a while.
No comment.
Had a dream that I saw a car that had just crashed and while I looked at it the twisted metal turned into a substance like layers of thin paper and it began to burn. Smoldering and then a rush to ash and then the ashes floated silently away. The car was burning from the top down and I wondered, as I watched from a second-floor front porch, where the body or bodies were. The car burned down to the floor and I could see the shape of one body and it looked like it was moving but it was burning and moving. When the burning had finished I saw the spirit of the person move away from the car, at first a strong presence and as it walked away it disappeared.
This dream actually continued with me laughing uproariously with Margaret (where in hell was Erik) about our website. As I was dreaming/laughing I thought I never get to laugh like this, with so much gusto.
Matt Taibbi is here in NYC, writing hilariously for New York Press.
Had a most meaningful talk with Jim Ramer at PSD yesterday, he'll be my acting unofficial advisor, as will Martha. Thank the photographic gods.
All my love for now.
Onwards to learning.

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