Saturday, July 26, 2003

Spent the latter part of last night in Liz's garden, drinking white wine as the fragrant lilies towered over us. This after seeing her at an Allentown art opening where I was happy to discover Burke Paterson among the tipplers and lookers. Burke is still tall, wearing trendy t-shirts and making art and living in Toronto. He was very excited to tell me how he just built a second floor into his loft, where his beloved Jet Stream alumi-trailer still holds court.
This is a city of several Middling City festivals - food-related as well as hobby-related. Tonight is the 20th annual Artists and Models, the first-ever I'm not participating in due to gradstudent-related (and travel) constraints. I'll be there as docu-girl.
Off to the sunshined outdoors to see, make and do.
Lead Boy Colleague dropped by to say Hi, he was off to shoot much the same.
Saturday saturnine Love.

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