Sunday, July 27, 2003

Spending this AM catching up up up whilst listening to napalm-my-heart Ryan Adams. Such sights last night at Artists and Models, a veritable tapestry of people I know, avoid, talk to, admire and document.
Anna was a cyborg, David Butler was a presidential candidate (along with ex-drag queen Guy) with a fab economic plan advocating shopping, Mark Stockton was wired up in a complex panda head with night vision goggles and other such complex paraphernalia (totally rocked), Mike (formerly of treelinedhighway) was really drunk and he explained so after he was going to start saying something about my weight loss, Curtis was also tipsy but did manage to explain to CG and I how the lovely gigantic prints from former Artists and Models were made (I had several up - 3'x8'... Perfect Heroic Nancy!), the bartender didn't have scotch (?????????) so I had to have a vodka and something (!!), the tall lanky tv guy was all coked up, literary Ed worked the door and didn't quite get the whole way those Tyvek® wristbands were supposed to be installed on a wrist (I looked at mine and said Gee, Ed, I like your technique... he didn't get it), the artwork was of a certain elevated quality, Bruce Adams had an excellent church and art star-inspired chapel with relics of Cindy Sherman and Robert Longo (brilliant) and other various pedestrians interested and engaged me.
(sonic note: I might have to change this Ryan Adams cd as it's about to toss me off the edge into an abyss of heavy-eyed melancholia).
Notes on pre-Artists and Models yesterday:
Had a wedding in ski resort Ellicottville, an hour outside of the Middling City.
I seemed to spend more time staring at the landscape and getting some good deep thinking done than shooting the glowing couple.
I was in a Native landscape where highway signs are bilingual.
I knew the band, always a treat. Sid Winkler Band which features zany Susan Rozler and the amazing music encylopoedia Joe Rozler... young, hip, funny as hell.
I stood behind him for several songs and sang off-colour versions of Wedding Tunes as he sang the veritable versions. Sometimes as I passed on the dancefloor he'd sing a Hi Nancy J into the lyrics and - amazingly - guests would not hear it over their choogling and socializing.
Met a guy who does video production for Court TV. Nice conversation, how can it help my career?
So I'm talking to Susan Rozler for a long while when suddenly she reveals that she thinks she may have malaria. I was in the Philippines. I know about malaria. I avoided it. I took poison once a week to keep it away. I'm thinking she's being funny. Nope, her one kid is in Africa, she visited. BUT when you hear someone has the notion they may have malaria and you are an independenct contractor type you want to run like the West Niled mosquitoes from hell are on your ass, as you never know what in hell it could contagiously be.
Off to further work and social exploits.
My love, most of it.

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