Sunday, July 20, 2003

Nearly, no not really, time for my Sunday nap afore my jet to NYC/PSD encore. I still have yet to pen a zippola Statement of Intent & Discovery to pledge before the 14 others. Marathon Critique.
This, oddly, is very much the same in grad school as it was as an undergrad, maybe just ratchet up the impassioned opining a bit.
To all who have never been an art student: (scenario)
You are naked in a room, everyone is clothed and eating a snack that they are not sharing. You are doing a handstand and some classmates are very willing to say Hey, neato technique. But one sour apple says something like You know? When I read XXX he said that handstands are mere simulacrum of spectacles of paradigms! You get off your hands. You think for a moment and then jump into a karate kick and then suddenly have sparklers coming out of the top of your head, bright golden showers of sparks.
And you realize this: your art and ideas abso-fuckin-lootly ROCK. And you are willing to share enthusiasm and not brandish the weapon of ego. Re-met my friends' daughter, who I haven't seen since she was 2 or 3. She was NOT impressed until her father and I started doing our bad cop/bad cop sort of routine, regaling ourselves with our most outlandish drunken exploits. Suddenly I noted the barista of the coffee joint where we were standing had on one of those pukashellesque candy necklaces. I asked Do you know what to do with that? She did not. I demanded the necklace and taught her, and the friends' kid, how to shoot the candy off via the clenched front teeth. I nearly took some guy in a cheeseball suit's nuts right off. The kid later, when I was gloating on nearly taking the guy's nuts off referred to them as Two eggs in a hankie. I said Jeesh, thanks, that's an image that'll be haunting me for some time.
When she noted one of my Paul Frank watches on my wrists she really then thought I was okay for an adult, still a shade of youthful mistrust in her eyes.
Hey, go HERE for an interesting diversion, compliments of Reine. An old version of Netscape yielded a most interesting and eclectic collection of bookmarks.
Off again.

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