Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Met with visiting artist/thinker Ollivier Dyens, who teaches at Concordia in Montréal today. Why, just yesterday, during our seminar, I raised my hand and stated I really don't agree with anything that you're saying...
defending then I was the notion that making images/rendering light via digital is not too far from the same process via film.
Embedded in both is information that an artist/imagemaker must use.
He did not agree with my disagreement.
Today he reinvigorated our disagreeing. By the end of my presentation to him he said that he was beginning to understand what I mean/meant, for whatever that's worth.
I just sent him some jpegs of older work that I think he'll dig.
Made Justy go with me to the macrobiotic joint just around the corner from PSD for organic wine and wholesome fare. He didn't pout too loudly and his pal Jen, married to Steve Bartoo, joined us.
Then back to the lab, where I've been convented since about noon.
It is time to break free for extended hours.
I am happy with my new images, prints, art, pieces.
Tomorrow I meet with Anthony encore to show them.
Then Monday is the half-group again, in prep for the next week which will be another full day and a half of the 15 of us.
This intensive extensive summer session is coming to a quick end.
Am I a master of the DreamWeaver universe?
Does the Pope have Johnny Depp's likeness tattooed on his arse?
Yikes, now that is a perilous image indeed.
Due to annoyances beyond my control (those of you in the know will in fact know know and know) I am taking a leave from AV for the next three weeks - due more to assinine behaviour than my own ass dragging.
My artful and imagistic love.

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