Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Suddenly the grande black coffee togo cup is empty and life doesn't seem quite so Perfect any longer.
Well, the knowledge that I now own not only the supersonic new iPod (external harddrive! music storage! car-adaptable portable songs!) as well as the new Radiohead makes everything sweetened with a golden glow of consumer happiness, audiophile bliss.
Missed the midnight Radiohead sale at New World Record where they gave out 7-inchers until they ran out. Was there this AM and bought a limited edition version with lyrics and the nice boy gave me the cover art, vinyl sized placard.
But, strangely, when I arrived at the counter I first said this:
The new Metallica, pul-leez. (as I had glanced down and seen the new Metallica)
Oh, the boy said, it's right here, moving one from my left shoulder to the cash register.
See, I was working on auto-pilot. My inner Metallica fan (and if you are a true epinw sport you know I'm one) and thrashing self was bursting onto the scene.
You own enough smarty-pants rock, it whined, you need some head-bangerific music, too.
Rock steady.

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