Thursday, June 12, 2003

Off to the race! The big race when all sorts of corporate and office types gather under tents, do some stretches and then hit the roadways of the Middling City = Chase Corporate Challenge. Tent shots of university types then the quick trot to the viaduct for the overall of the throngs, running in thongs.
Then downtown to witness the Patio Lantern Magick of Kim Mitchell.
This morn I, and Marky Sparky of AV and Donny of Clear Channel (rulers! of the musical! world!) selected 30 Middling City bands to hit three stages, in stages, during the ARTVOICE Street Fest to happen on a Sunday in June. The ebbs, the flows, the avoidable genre conflicts - we discussed, we listened to cd's, we nearly threw cd's against the walls, we selected.
Now Marky S sends out letters of rejection and calls to say OUI OUI, we want you.
Running to shoot runners.
I dream of running often.

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