Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Well happy freakin' Mardi Gras to you, too.
It's impossible for me to think the words Mardi and Gras without thinking of my roadtrip ending in a one-week stay in New Orleans for the visual orgy that is MG NO, LA.
Days and nights of parades, spectacles that are unforgettable (one: a man in a boxing match with a USA Today box until the cops hauled him away, bloody), the booze, the music, the stay-up-all-night Monday until Tuesday events, dancing on the levee at dawn at a free shroom-enhanced punch soirée. Ahh, Mardi Gras.
Leaving on a jet plane tomorrow to, amongst other things, celebrate the wondrous landscape images that have sprung forth from the brain of Dorota.
My pal Tom Calderone at MTV sent me some MTV2 swag, a gigantic and hip jacket with a typically jocular note from him stating that he's been promoted and therefore is sending all sorts of presents to his Middling City cohorts.
And, on a final note, I appear again on the cable access show/fiasco this upcoming Friday - taped last Friday. I arrived after a dinner date with a bunch of people, slightly tipsy and very feisty. I thought the taping was a chaotic disaster but the host and producer thought it was my best appearance ever, that I've really developed my television persona. Yeah, that and four cocktails will get you on the path to high times. The producer created a monologue about Yours Truly and I find it completely horrifying. There's a still of my face with a voice-over... Here's Nancy, mild-mannered. (laughter) Cut to live shots of me later in the show, and a moment where I did an impromptu interpretive dance to the music they were playing in the background.
I'll absolutely never be able to run for public office.
Oh well.
Mardi Gras love and such.

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