Friday, March 07, 2003

Believe this or not I was going to blog from Parsons School of Design - Parsons School of De-zign - and their network did not support Mozilla, how all this magic happens. Oh velcro and moved along, after checking numerous emails from there.

Tonight is Dorota's el grande gallery night, Joseph Helman Gallery from 6-8 she'll be in the white hot spotlight and I'm to help her, allegedly, shop for the ensemble today. Yesterday we found some smart earrings. My outfit is ready, as if that's any surprise. Many Middling City people (imported and relocated) will be there tonight so it promises to be an excellent schmoozathon.

It is time to rush out the door as NYC is calling my name and I'm indoors. Despite the breathtakingly cold air it's still NYC calling, NYC walking to do out there.
Sadly, it's back to M.C. tomorrow - when I literally run from plane, to car, to a gig.
I'll be educating little eager children on how to write about music, as part of the Symphony Scholar event at Kleinhans Music Hall.
Note to self: if in a very post-art opening/soiree condition, bring the mints•
A pickled role model is still a role model albeit an aromatic one.

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