Sunday, March 02, 2003

More Middling City rock & roll anti-incendiary madness.
Doug, Allen, Craig and Tyler's gig (The Neighbors and, yes, there was a fitting and subtle tribute to Mr. Fred Rogers) was moved from Mohawk Place to Sphere as the fire marshall(s) deemed the former to have a legal capacity of only 42 in their rear stage area. Calculations were made, protractors were consulted. Legally each imbiber/listener is allotted 7 square feet... so do the math for your favored hotspots.
Ironically, I saw Robbie Fulks (a genius! a semi-country genius!) playing a joint called the Sportsmen's, in what's an area of the Middling City called Black Rock, and there were 200+ crammed into the tiny bar.

Now there's no more fucking around and it's nose to the creative grindstone to complete my fab art bra for the boobie health benefit on Friday night, 3/7. Have to tell the head of the charity that I won't be there... I'll be freewheeling way east, just before the ocean.
Actually had to invest in a tiny grommet setter because I'm using red grommets about the size of the size of the inner regions of a nipple. Or so.
Onwards to breastly matters at hand.
Grommetted love, red.

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