Wednesday, February 26, 2003

A short & sweet shoe story:
Work, work, file column, return to home office hovel and discover in daily mail delivery a frequent shoe flyer award so after some social and anti-social obligs head to shoe Valhalla where *** a dream sequence is happening, accompanied by meaningful pop music by shorty-pants John Cougar M*** in the clearance area and there's suddenly also an additional 30% chance-of-a-shoe-lifetime markdown and the perfect mules for the upcoming event in NYC are discovered as well as another more leisurely pair for Middling City high times and dear fucking god the final prices are circa 1950 or so and leaving shoe joint is one person and four great shoes - after witnessing a highly-pampered suburban lady with french manicure have a meltdown when the Valhalla employee misunderstands her directives about shoe boxes in shopping bags and then another when asked for another form of picture id. The End.

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