Monday, February 24, 2003

A bit of steaming words, hot off the fingertips and probably more than any of you epinw readers ever needed to know about one of your Fav Nancy's modes of old-school dough:

Insult a man's Mardi Gras parade and you cut him to the core.
In an email to another newspaper employee (who later forwarded the email to the aforementioned man/SuperEgo/Middling City Mardi Gras parade founder) I dubbed his parade dismal.
Six vehicles do not a parade make.
Watchers are key, as are perhaps a marching band and a plethora of paraders.
So the man fired off a snappy/sappy email reaching far and wide, calling me a "photo editor," questioning the way that photo/digital images are filed at the newspaper that he founded (and at which I've been dismally compensated & employed nearly-full-time since 1990), and on... and on.
I'd paste it in here but it was deleted long ago.
Mentioned he might want to invest in photo filing software that he did mention and tried to suggest be used, that I (as well as the occasional intern snap-shooters) would be happy to use it but that my filing system works fine as long as the "managing editor" manages to tell me in a timely fashion what it is that she needs.
Also, why is it that a hundred clients local and national have no problems with the way my digital files are named - but Fabio does. Color me Middling City Gray and Confused.
Usual Nancy/Managing Editor scenario: (Friday afternoon) Oh, Nancy, it's really late, I know, I'm really sorry, but could you shoot... and always it's Yes Yes Yes and pestilence upon my head if I say You know, it's really late, this really sucks,
your parade sucks.
At the newspaper I am a columnist who creates her own assignments, builds her own weekly column, shoots (last-minute) requests for food shots at restaurants the county over as well as feature photography.
Oh, and did I mention, the m.e. handed over a freelance gig to one of the paper's interns last week when the guy had called me before, I returned his call, his cell was off and he called the office looking for me.

Here's an idea, O Parade Creator:
You want a true photo editor?
Pay. Double (or nearly) the salary and you'll have a Photo Editor and great karma will wash over you for doing the right thing.
You finally broke down and acquired my digital camera but this doesn't quite balance out years of mileage, the other equipment I've purchased, the time, the time and the time.
Behind me is a room full of seething and angst-ridden employees who witness disparities of wealth and know there's not many Middling City alternatives to the alternative.
Enough laundering for now.
My undying, unbleached love.

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