Tuesday, February 25, 2003

It's now about 55º F in my workspace/home as the furnace hasn't been going on and there have been numerous trips up and down stairs to flick on and off various switches. Now it's time to call Mr. Heating&Cooling as my fingers must keep working and they're getting red, before blue.
Minding my own business I was meandering for food supplies following work deliveries this AM and freezing/working at home. There before me was a pink Barbie Easter Magic display. Barbie is dressed in a short pink Easter frock and comes with a chicken-sized egg. I thought perhaps the Magic in Barbie Easter Magic might be that girls can stuff the egg up into Barbie and then her reticulated ankles, knees and hips allow her to squat down and lay the pink plastic egg.
The egg is a bonus gift for the girl who receives Barbie.
And on back the lucky lucky girl can complete a small and facile bunny maze.
I was looking for pink fuzzy bunny ears to replace those sadly broken during my last soirée.

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