Saturday, February 01, 2003

More Americans vaporized today.
Great chances taken can mean great loss and, although its an obvious tragedy, anyone who boards a NASA vehicle knows there's a chance that the ship isn't going home to roost.
As I watched the LIVE footage of the shuttle collapsing in the heavens and cuts to shots of debris in the scorched Texas landscape and even-keeled reporters I had an item float upwards in my memory.
On one of my liberating and caffeine-fueled cross-country roadtrips I requested a special stop, at NASA's joint in Texas. My travel companion obliged - I had been before with family and knew it rocked.
So we went, tooled around and ate in the huge cafeteria.
I glanced down at the lunch tray (usual injected plastic number, rectangular) and studied the two-tone NASA logo. It had to be mine. So I stole it from NASA's cafeteria. I don't recall my method but it happened.
I'm wondering where, in my many moves, it landed. I think someone could be serving snacks to a small circle of friends and my fucking NASA lunch tray is the envy of that person's pals.
Well that's karma for you.
I was really going to try my luck/karma last night by offering an officer of the law a jello shot from my opened car window when my two evening travel companions shouted NANCY are you nuts? He's a cop, he'll arrest you. Perhaps I had slurped down too many to dishevel my faculties but I thought an officer of the law, obviously young and freezing cold, might welcome a Skyy vodka-laced treat.
Charlie Hunter and Bobby Previte abso-fucking-lutely mesmerized. They duetted and Hunter at one point played the tambourine as I've never seen before, he made it an instrument for complete cool.
I went backstage with a venue employee as I'd requested going behind the curtain, meaning I wanted to shimmy behind the club's black curtain to a point where I'd be directly behind the duo. Then stick my lens through an opening (hopefully) and shoot from behind them, them looking at each other.
Well instead I ended up backstage shooting from the side. I located a tall stool and balanced atop it, holding my breath and leaning and arching to make the moment stick. I thought I had been invisibly shooting away merrily but several said they saw me doing just that.
Took the jello shots after Hunter/Previte to a house party desperately needing jello shots. I made three types of vodka flavours and one with quallity gin - the green/lime ones.
Onwards to Doug's gig further along the downtown scenario, his last with the other playas. And, as I said later to anyone who would listen If I were managing Doug's career I'd order him to stay with this band and ditch the other he's so committed to... this band has a sparkle, a buzz.
If you all listened to me the world would be a much much much better place. Plus I'd always get my way and thusly I'd be ever more exuberant and that would help all of you feel much happier, too.

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