Sunday, February 02, 2003

How I began my day today/Groundhog Day by Your Perfect & Favored Nancy.
Wake up to alarm. Grab apple and camera gear, not in that order. Get in car. Drive out to suburban Middling City university campus. Go up to university's geology department h.q. where I met up with two boxers (dog sort), various students and a staffer. All but the dogs are wearing construction paper top hats. Fifteen minutes later we head outdoors to a berm where one of the geologists has determined the cleanest snow is still clinging to berm. Out from a conversion van a geology department staffer (not a professor) takes a taxidermied groundhog wearing a party hat, visor and a sash emblazoned with 2003. The taxidermied groundhog is then placed next to a faux groundhog-dug hole, the base upon which his back feet are bolted covered with snow. Potting soil is strewn.
Assignment. The End. I came, I saw, I shot.
The eccentric and traditional end.
As the Middling City skies are rarely sun-fueled the taxidermied beast saw no shadow whereas down south, in PA, that un-taxidermied rodent saw his lively shadow and was startled.
Who to believe?
Quick or stuffed beast? You decide.
Rodent shooting love.

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