Thursday, January 30, 2003

With Martha Stewart's help I found a new color for my office/living room walls - Wasabi. Being a firm believer that a paint should be selected by its name I feel this is a perfect choice for Perfect Sushi-Loving Me. And the Goodwill box blue ceiling that I inherited from Dave Harrod is going away. Decided suddenly today that for the party I'm throwing on the 16th colors need to be changed.
Began today early with a meeting followed by a follow-up shoulder exmination by Dr. Alzheimers in the suburbs. He and I chatted about all things shoulder and I'm thinking Oh WONDERFUL, no dressing up in one of those pesky disposable, robin eggshell robes. When suddenly he stood up and said Well, put on a robe and I'll be back in to look at your shoulder.
So he hands me the paper rectangle and leaves. Immediately I tore off the plastic belt accidentally and then whilst trying to unfold the thing it ended in tatters until I was holding a piece about as big as one square of paper towel. Laughing fairly heartily by myself in the overly-lit room I was not only thinking gees I hope Dr. Alzheimers isn't lurking in the hallway giving me not only a C- shoulder evaluation but a D+ psych evaluation but also wondering how to cover myself. Eureka, I thought, these bastards made me drive all the way out here, fuck conservation. Then I got another and was more tender with it. Wish I could say the same about Dr. A and my poor left shoulder.
Disposable clothing love.

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