Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Just in case you were on the fence about being a Francophile consider that their president didn't (yet) cave in to US warcry bedazzlement. Chirac was not convinced by Tony Blair, nor will he probably be by Colin Powell, that we have extra-oil field reasons to do more bombing in Iraq.
And then there's guitar playing American Tom Morello.
Formerly of the awe-inducing Rage Against the Machine, now in super-group Audioslave, he's soundbitten reasons why no is a fine choice in the new RS, RS916 to be exact.
I cancelled out on RS because of their soft-porn covers (and told them/JSW that that was my reason, as if they care about the micro-voice of anti-boobular sentiment versus the millions who grab such a cover... actually this oddly echoes the peace vs. oil procurement diatribe above) and yet still receive it.
Tom Morello:
This is the first time in American history where an anti-war movement has been growing and strengthening prior to a war. In Vietnam, you know, it took five years of a blood-drenched war orgy before the first anti-war movements got off the ground.
Rock on.

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