Monday, January 20, 2003

The weekend's rock & roll notes:
1. Slobbered all over the front of Showplace's stage during Jon Spencer's set last night. He rocked those skinny leather pants like nobody's beeswax - jumping to and from the mic in his trademarked manner, like coming up for air from under water. Only one boy colleague was there and we both tossed on our flashes as the lights at the venue completely suck. Opening act, The Black Keys, apparently only had a single song, played about twelve or so times. Jon Spencer, yum.
2. The weekend's music purchases = Barrrrrrrry White All-Time Greatest Hits (for pending Red Dinner when I cook all red food and the house is lit all red and the house is crammed with guests wearing, what else, their best crimson ensembles), Matthew Good Band Beautiful Midnight, Damon & Naomi Song to the Siren (former 2/3 of all-time fav Galaxie 500) and The Jesus and Mary Chain 21 Singles (enough span of time between me and one of the x's to be able to enjoy JMC again).
3. I apparently emasculated Simon Chardiet of Simon and the Bar Sinisters so during his gig, visited with Doug who I rescued from the terrifying Middling City train stop, and afterwards, he would not acknowledge us as I gave him $10 for gas money last time he was in town. But Doug and I tipsily helped ourselves to his rock star pizza afterwards saying Well screw Simon, eat up!
4. Saw one of the Middling City's better new bands, Alla, Saturday amid stops far and wide and that's the band that my former hairstylist, Jon, was formerly in before he prima donna'd out and alienated the girls on guitar and drums. Thinking that Jon will be furious and possibly not speak to me (again) for a few years when he sees Alla in my photo column.
5. There's hope that the music scene here is not absolutely dwindling to nothing with the announcement of a few good shows like BB King, Tori and the Goos (as openers with Bon Jovi). Think at the Goo/Bon Jovi gig everyone will see that Johnny and BJ have the same hair do.
End of rock notes, time to drink some day old coffee and attack deadlines with gusto.
Blues explosion love.

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