Saturday, January 25, 2003

Hey. I blogged earlier and posted it to epinw but it evaporated into thin air - perhaps because it was all about boobies. Photographed two more sets for my upcoming charitable delving into the world of bra designing for the upcoming charity boob-a-thon called BRAvo for Women's Stories for survivors of breast cancer and for breast cancer research.
And for this girlie pals graciously doffed tops.
I will be cutting small black & white photos into elliptical shapes, grommeting them (excellent little red grommets I found this week) together and thin red ribboning them together.
The straps will be strips of contact sheets.
Where nipples appear I'm adhering tiny faux rubies.
Watched a moment of CNN and saw a segment on a man traveling to become a human shield in Afghanistan. Would I do this? Although I agree with the sentiment I think of the speedfreak motherfuckers who kill Canadians, innocents and each other and think perhaps not.
Chris Gallant is doing a short doc and looking for volunteers so I said I have about of 20 seconds of opinion that I'm willing to share with him for the project.
The Jayhawks canceled for Mon. night which has Reese in a tailspin. One of the guys in the band had a heart disease. Another argument for yoga, or exercise.
Ryan Adams warbles out at me before I head out for the evening's art and music and booze destinations.
Boobs and boobs of love.

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