Friday, January 17, 2003

As I blog I'm on hold with Nikon to find out how come my camera is no longer willing to autofocus after it was fixed by them (camera was ass-crunched by a pal on New Year's Eve and the hotshoe was bent).
A sad tale. Which is sadder... the tech problems or the holding to speak to tech problem shooters.

Thinking back to Disney on Ice and what I learned from it.

*wow, I have a real person on the line...*

The Long & Short = they want the camera to come back to them to fix the AF probs.

Onwards to happier Disney thoughts:
young girls are victims of fate and victims of older and uglier women - on skates or not.
When bad or dramatic things happen sparks shoot from the sky. Hello pyros!!!
And, as we all know, every story ends with a cute guy in tights giving a big smooch to the girl.
Disney-styled love.

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