Sunday, January 05, 2003

Successfully attended today's baby shower for Jen & Tom's pending son, mingled with their moms, aunts, young professionals and a few of my co-workers... and then plotted my bye bye/escape.
Of course following a smattering of heartfelt oohs & ahhs (earlier I led a quick how-to seminar on the finer points of convincing oohs & ahhs).
There was a delegation of ladies lobbying the holder of a purse joint to go up to the third floor clubhouse to toke. But the holder was horrified at the idea of being high at a shower so she kept sippin' on the Pepto pink punch with floating raspberries (a bevvie I steered clear of. why does no one have the good sense to serve scotch at showers?)
Began today AM by listening to music and matting and framing the drawings to be dropped at the art joint tomorrow for the members' show - Sat. night. Four in a frame and I am proud.
Last night's live music documentation, nutshell-sized: pint-sized punk rockers, CW-luvvin diva and boys, stoner rockers, baseball bat-smashing punk rockers and wimpy folkster.
Dreams of big city and attendant big there fun.

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