Tuesday, January 07, 2003

How many of YOU can state that you began YOUR day in a worldclass cemetery following a tractor guiding you to the gravesite of a dead president?
Millard Fillmore (or Mill Fill as I lovingly call him), to be exact, was in my sights, sort of, this AM.
This was my traditional university assignment to capture the magic of the graveside fete and laying of wreaths in honour of his b-day.
Onwards. More dark.
Sad to learn that Stereolab singer Mary Hansen is no longer - and neither is her band.
She was hit by a truck whilst she was riding her bike in London. Rolling Stone could only muster up a tiny few-inch plot of words (with small yet exuberant photo) of her. At least they gave Joe Strummer a full two pages and, in usual RS fashion, tooted their own archival horn by running the last cover of theirs that he appeared on and at quick small glance he looks like Springsteen.
Today coffee, dark and deep, is my serious pal (go to this ultra-related site this instant) as I trundle from deadline to deadline like a French piglet on a truffle-rustling run.
Listening now to airy Parker and Lily and just noticed a hilarious typo up the spine of the cd where they renamed the band Parker and Illy. She be illin'. Or not.
Beastie and indie rock love.

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