Saturday, January 04, 2003

Drawing all-American drive-thrus today was fantastic until I drew the attention of the KFC staffers who then called Buffalo's Finest on me. Was parked in the lot drawing madly for a while until I saw the cops pulling into the driveway = Time to Go.
At the end of the driveway a cop came over. What are you doing, the staff would like to know.
Making drawings for an art show. They saw you taking pictures.
I then showed her my assemblage of great drawings, explaining all the while how I was moving on from there to BK and then McD's.
Well, good luck to you, the lady copy said.
My drawing career is now sealed with Finest wishes.
No other scrapes with the Law after that... yet.
Last night ended the evening by watching the band of baby rockstar's bro = Parachute Adams. And they were amazing, even better than before their sabbatical and sans ska-style thin neckties. Baby rockstar introduced me to his mother and I said And I'm...
I know who you are, she said.
Call me surprised as a calf caught in a July storm drain.
Dorota called mid-aft to ask shopping advice: should she spend an even $300 on a great new suede bag. How perfect it is to confer with a photog who has ongoing bag and portage needs. Will you use it every day? Are there details about it that you admire greatly? Then run topspeed back to that bag joint and acquire, acquire, acquire.
Big waterproof bags of Love.

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