Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Sip Oban. Listen to baby rockstar's band's cd. Take break from all-day writing marathon. (repeat as needed)
Today a nincompoop mis-dialed, reaching my super-secret cell phone. A caller from Wisconsin.
Call 262-203-0318 and say Hi, Perfect Nancy in the Middling City says you're a nincompoop - true or false?
Speaking of strange communiques, RR in KY sent an email moments ago that read, in part, I am a Raelian.
Now I won't indulge those cultos with a hit on their site lest that is their name but are the Raelians the cult that believes we've all morphed from the grays? Or that we all stem from newborn-looking aliens?
RR says that now that he's Raelian smoking is non-lethal.

RR: do not contact me to donate fund to your Raelian cause.
And don't come crying to me when you realize you've been duped, all spent in your flowing cult robe.

Do Raelians wear robes?
Why not join that cult (article about them in my personal archives/fridge door) that believed the apocalypse was imminent so they ditched their clothing and a dozen or so of them jumped into a mid-sized American car and drove like hell to...
well they drove until they crashed into a tree.
A badass cult with a purpose.
Rock on, newbie Raelian.

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