Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Newest and Most Perfect Yours Truly

Here is my newest and most favoured self-portrait of recent vintage.

Yours Truly is being, as we say in the photojournalistic racket, low-key.
Please note the striped blazer.
Yours Truly had just gone behind the scenes mid-gig for a look at the vid installations of Steina of Iceland.
Not at all to be confused with Tom of Finland.
Although with my graduate schooling I could delve into a thesis of sorts on how or why these two could theoretically conspire and draw parallelograms around and about their works.

Here is an open letter to the red-haired young man/old kid who YT sat next to at a wedding gig this past Saturday.

Dear Red,
Just because Yours Truly's ass hit the plastic folding chair next to you intended for your date of unknown and, according to you, questionable provenance, I am not your date. You are not going to leave with me, and you are not going to make out with me behind the big white tent.
And no lady wants to hear your wending and whining tale of you finding yourself - buck up, Red, and show some confidence.
Perhaps you were in your cups but no lady wants to hear that you think of yourself as a big kid. Quel turn-off.
And skip the intel on how many bad dates you've been on, how no matter the outcome a date costs you $30. I do wish I'd asked if that was for two dinners, or one, for if it's two I am wondering if your tastes might stray further than Olive Garden or the like.
And even still if that $30 is your very own tab I think you need to investigate better joints, or, as I suggested, maybe just meet a lady out for a drink instead of a meal. Then your exit strategy is much easier.
I wish you good luck.
Your photog dinner acquaintance.

Love of a solid work-in-progress.