Monday, October 04, 2010

N to the J to the D to the C

Stand of Oaks, Washington Monument.
Shiva Hands, Sackler Gallery, Washington, DC.

(Topnote: this all brought to You on the wings of Explosions in the Sky, a good and cinematic TX export.)

The day after Pops had his heart examined and it was out in the familial open that one of those auricles - or is it ventricles - has little stalagmites in there and is indeed blocked all the way, making a very dark medical area on what is otherwise a Perfect and happy heart, but one with complications, Your Truly sped off to Our Nation's capitol/capital to be an utmost friend to Little Laura. LL is a bestie, and that inspires in YT innate loyalty to infinity.

It should - or could - be noted here that YT also has one abnormal heart with it beating to the beat of its own downbeat drummer, and being so low of pressure that the pros say it is the beat of a five-year old heart: officially 91/57.

Onward to Washington, District of Columbia which is full of free cultural attractions, architectural gravitas, good vibes in the face of diversity, gentlemanly holding of doors, unfamiliar bird sounds, vistas, boulevards, confusing criss-crossed streets, gusts of river wind, a quietude that is unsettling at times, subways that are quiet, barricades as needed, a swell array of international cuisine, swarms of rally aftermath, and men in suits.

YT was there for that aforementioned and unpublic mission, but also to have a few moments to do what is rare except when in the Shiney Apple: to walk, think, and draw.

Heady found, and forever will be in my creative debt, drawing pencils in a city that is not teeming with artists - a triumph. Wherever I drew someone would become interested; one asked if I was writing in my journal, or if I was making drawings. When I explained that I was making a drawing of the back of an at-the-ready ambulance and the backside of the Capitol, he offered up some interesting fun facts. Like that the cast iron atop it all is being restored and cleaned up - hence one of the recurring and curious sounds that was not the birds.
Maya Lin, Sailors, NJP Shadow at Viet Nam Memorial.

Speaking of triumphs, it is one to be in a place that is unfamiliar, safe, and inspiring. And to have pencils, and a camera to make something out of a walk.

Today was one of those proverbial difficult days; tomorrow may prove to be a better one. The proving is the work, the challenge of having days at all.

Love of unfamiliar birds.