Sunday, September 05, 2010

Minding my own business at mine own art exhibition Yours Truly was documented in the greenest happiest dress ever, and with the red dot DLux4 by the Burly Font, aka BruceJ.
Just over my right shoulder is Heady, in a pomegranate t-shirt imprinted with the image that is shown just over my left shoulder and previously featured on epinw-Four Laurel Hands.
The opening.
The opening was divine, and YT swam for four hours in the basking Love vibes of well-wishers, and revelers, and fans of allsuch: all drinking white wines of various hues and vints that YT picked out with Heady and some cute helpful boy at Gates, and ate cheeses of all stinks and shades.
All in all. A triumph.
According to YT.
The installation was a success purely because of the angelic Sean, who banged up the framed pieces (21 in all) just as he did for my solo exhib at Big Orbit Gallery. And he slapped up shiny happy and happening letters telling passersby and ne'er-do-wells, neighborhood tipplers, panhandlers, and arts afficianadoes just what in fuck is hanging in the gallery.
Prints printed on canvas framed.
And drawings that I am oso proud of, made in the Shiney Happy, and the Middling City.
Did an interview about the Art with someone and does any artist really want to hear a reviewer leaving saying I hope that I can do you justice.
It's just so ... non-ArtWorld. Like Annette Cravens says You make nice pictures, nobody makes Nice art.
It's all difficult, yours is Nice.
Onwards I posit.

And no post-show blues as YT is thinking of the next show, the one in the Shiney Apple in November.
And onwards still.

Forward momentum, Love.