Thursday, January 01, 2009

Utterly and festively minding my own business yesterday after Mrs. Rutstein's funeral and lunch with Fats&Pops, was in throes of errands and one stop on the agenda was India Bazaar.
India Bazaar is a somewhat frequent stop for all things Indian. And yesterday golub jaman was on the NYE menu which also included my soon-to-be-world-famous Lobster Thermidor, a combination of two recipes that I like and have made before.
So there I am in IB, analyzing the produce, the coriander chutney options, and then the mehendi section in the cooler.
For a mere $2.99 Yours Truly purchased a pre-mixed tube of the henna goopings (really, that does sound like a muy authentico Indian word - goopings) for some NYE body painting and tagging.
After what I've dubbed my Ethereal Salad (details upon request), Lobster Thermidor with buttered peas on the side, and then dessert of golub jaman with Kennergy sped off to points beyond for festivities and to embrace Party Zen.
First stop was 888 and busted out the tube which I had already sensibly snipped and wrapped in foil.
Gave FB pal JJopp a nice "Client #9" in swirling letters along her hand.
Then gave Annie a nice NINE along her knuckles (see above).
Gave myself a nice lefthanded martini (also above).
Gave JJopp's pal Gina a nice ohm just below her neck and then tarted up JohnC's hand with a sun/moon/happyface.
Gave Gary an IX but he put his hand in his pocket and it went to hell in a handbasket.

New Year's Resolution last night was altered.
It began as: Learn to spit like a boy.
YT prefers to Perfect new skills in the new year rather than embrace an omission.
A few hours later decided that the resolution is to try to use more cliches in speech, especially those that hearken back to the Old West, the Wild one, or any of those than make wry agricultural refs.

This image is of the stuffed wolf at the Middling City's Science Museum, where Kennergy and I made a midday field trip.
The wolf is in a box, like a well-trained mime.
Note his/her playful pose.
Elsewhere in the joint one can finally pet pelts of other mammals, it is no longer necessary to sneak a pet in here or there.

This is a new year, one that promises to be a stellar one.

Stellar, lupine Love.