Saturday, December 27, 2008

Above is one of the gifts that Yours Truly presented to Kennergy, a lovingly restored Tarzan Zerbini ad from the 1960s gleaned during research for the Buffalo Spree Mayors Gone Wild piece.
It began with a small ad, microfiche copied to 8x10 and then cleaned up for hours as it was all scratched and falling to bits.

This is the sort of Middling City morning that this is: Neil Diamond vids (NB: this here's a rollicking v. of Cherry Cherry sans live image, instead one must gaze at one still image of Neil, not a terrible thing - here's another Cherry Cherry in unforgettable brown leather pants) lovingly selected via YouTube whilst working on laptop; was nearly been whiplashed out in the great outdoors as the weather is a confluence of some warm and cold fronts and all flat surfaces are rutted with ice, and it's the intermezzo interzone between Christmas and NYE.
When seemingly everyone is comparing thoughts, plans, and aspirations for NYE.
Should it include public events.
Should it feature lots of others, lobster, a flowing situ of Veuve Cliquot.
And thoughts are already thinking ahead to Red Dinner in mid-February.
The HoldTheDates, the decorations, the menu of course.
Penultimate stop on Christmas night was Mark and Polly's, always a cheering destination.
Polly made latkes and another sort of latke with parsnips and ... beets.
These will be a new addition to the Red Dinner menu with its other trad items like Nance's Famous Red Caviar Deviled Eggs.
You know, the ones that made the BNews reporter break into a sweat upon being offered a taste of one.
But ... I ... don't ... can't ... eat ... eggs. Never ... had ... caviar ... thanks ... No.

Your homework assignment du jour.
Go here and Perfect your technique, carefully selecting angle and distance.
It does indeed take a few attempts but - mark the words of YT - when you have Midt I Fleisen/success you will be oso proud.

Holding an Inauguration Gala at 888 on 1.20 with black tie tendencies.
Long dresses, tied, tiaras.

Shoe Love.